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Nordstrand Tennisklubb
Ekebergveien 200B
1162 Oslo

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Seterveien 15
1162 Oslo. 
Tel: 94297033 / 411 11 962

Ekebergveien 200 B
1162 Oslo
Tel: 94297033 / 411 11 962


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Rapport fra sportsjefen -U16 Bergen

Publisert fredag 26. oktober 2018 kl. 09:37

The Norges Cup U16 in Bergen the 1st W/E of the autumn break has been the occasion for Patrick to follow up 7 players from Nordstrand tennis club born between 2005 and 2002 : Celin Myhre, Olivia Kollansrud, Jon William Karlstad, Mille Langaas, Sondre Sanstøl, Jenny Gjøs and Filippa Frogner.

It was a great opportunity to get to know those players better in a new environment, with no parents around which was interesting to see how they were going to handle this autonomy. It was probably not easy for Celin for instance, the youngest of the group, but she showed a great maturity, played pretty well being close to win against the runner-up and reaching the double final together with her friend Carina Syrtveit, another 2005 girl which is a performance!

My goal as a coach was to try to create a group dynamics and I have to admit that the 2 oldest gilrs (born in 2002) Jenny and Filippa helped me a lot bringing in their maturity, “professionalism” and support to others during the matches. Their attitude is an example for the youngest because, beyond the results that you have no control over, being focused, serious, dedicated and willing to do your best in any circonstances is all what you can do and something that they embody pretty well!

In the end, we were “lucky” to bring back 3 titles to Oslo : 2 in singles with Filippa and Jon William and 1 in double with Olivia. I’m saying lucky, not because they don’t deserve it, but because all the players are engaged in some changes especially tactically entailing a few technical changes which takes time to master and implement. The most important thing is that I saw happy kids on the court finding a sort of harmony on and off the court. We need to cultivate this behaviour.

Patrick Sebastiani 

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